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Take the first step towards positive change with the support of a counselor committed to your care with you every step of the way.

When we partner together, we’ll craft a personalized plan for you to reach your goals. We’ll meet in a calm, comfortable setting to discuss your areas of struggle, change, and growth.

I provide therapeutic services for the following groups:








Individuals who are 18 or older.

I also offer services related to the following areas of struggle:

Stress Management

Stress is, unfortunately, common in our lives as individuals. Even adolescents experience record high levels of stress in our society. Equip yourself with healthy strategies for coping with stressors and achieve peace and balance in your day to day life through stress management counseling. Stress management counseling can also help you confront challenging life events in a healthy, productive manner.


Hey, relationships are tough, and building and maintaining healthy relationships is hard work. By investing in relationship counseling, you’ll gain insight into underlying patterns of communication that are interfering with your ability to experience fulfilling, satisfying relationships. On top of identifying problem areas, you’ll develop the self-awareness, confidence, and communication practices required to foster better relationships in your life.

Mood Disorders

If depression and/or anxiety are holding you back and preventing you from thriving, you can develop the coping methods, resilience, and self-awareness that empower you to experience more peace and balance in your life.


Addictive patterns can rob you of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Using a combination of approaches to enhance overall awareness and wellness, we can identify and confront the core issues underneath addictive behaviors. You can break your harmful habits, reach inner peace, and finally find relief from your addiction patterns.

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Meet my assistant, Bailey! Bailey is a 2 year old Goldendoodle and is a registered Pet Therapy dog. He is available to provide comfort, support, and animal-assisted interventions when clients would like him to be present in sessions. Bailey and I volunteer as a Pet Therapy Team in our community and enjoy doing Agility together in our spare time!