“Wellness is about the practice of resilience, overcoming challenges and being a better version of yourself with all of your golden cracks”

– Candice Kumai

heidi birkner counselor


Counseling, Consultation, and Clinical Supervision

I look forward to partnering with you for the following services:

Individual and family counseling and therapy

Specialized strategies for expanding athletic and artistic performance

Customized educational workshops

Clinical supervision opportunities

Professional consultations

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”
– Brené Brown

Grow your confidence, self-awareness, and self-acceptance through counseling that is designed to work for you. Reclaim your peace of mind and develop the skills required to nurture your mental and emotional health with a caring, experienced counselor by your side every step of the way. The path to living in a healthier, more positive place starts here.

Dealing with stress, life changes, substance abuse, depression, or anxiety can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on your relationships, work, and your general well-being. If you feel stuck in maladaptive behaviors, worries, or discontent, counseling can help you move out of that damaging, negative mindset into a more fulfilling and satisfying place.

Asking for help is challenging for most of us, but it’s the first step to healing and thriving. Know this: you are not alone in this journey. Counseling requires your active engagement and willingness to keep an open mind throughout the process. While your journey might be painful, confusing, and daunting, it can also be enlightening, healing, and joyful.

With change comes hope.

My office is a safe space where:

• Your unique story matters.

• You are heard, cared for, and respected.

• Your information, therapy experience, and what is shared here is confidential.

Is my philosophy the right fit for you?

There are no quick fixes or miracle cures when it comes to your mental and emotional health. You’ll gain the most from your counseling when you are willing to do the tough emotional work — and I’ll be by your side with every step forward.

My approach to counseling involves helping you identify with your own inner strength and helping you develop greater self-awareness. The tools for healing are already present in everyone, including you. Sometimes we just need some strategic guidance to help us find that healing inner voice.

Counseling is a process by which we work together to identify and work on problem areas. I use a combination of theoretical approaches to accomplish treatment goals, including:

  • • Cognitive-behavioral therapies
  • • Expressive arts techniques
  • • Client-centered therapy
  • • Solution-focused therapy
  • • Brain-body based therapy
Through personalized counseling, you’ll find the strength within yourself to heal and grow. Working together, we’ll develop a strategy to help you think, feel, and live in a more positive and confident mindset as you travel life’s journey.

Hello, I’m Heidi, and I look forward to hearing your story. Here’s a little bit of mine.

I have been a professional counselor for over 25 years.

I’m passionate about seeing people grow to become more fulfilled and confident as they work through the mental and emotional blocks that are holding them back.

Watching clients embrace who they are and learn to truly love and accept themselves is a privilege, and I’m so grateful to be a part of each client’s unique journey. Together, we can overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from thriving and stealing your inner peace.

My Experience

I have over 25 years of experience in a variety of psychiatric settings with adults, adolescents, children, and families addressing challenges such as depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, and stress.

I have professional experience in the following settings and therapies:
















I develop specialized, individualized care for each client to address their concerns and personal goals. I use a variety of evidence-based techniques in a client-centered approach to offer hope, support, and opportunity for growth to all of my clients.

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